Séverin Krön, artiste peintre


Born in 1964 at Nanterre near Paris (France) from Austrian parents, I was broughtup in a multicultural/lingual environment. In early childhood a deep passion forart, litterature and music developed which lead me to :
1981-82 Scenography studies at the Summer Academy of Salzburg, Austria.
1983 -84 Academy JULIAN, Paris
1984 Etching studies at the Summer Academy of Salzburg, Austria.
1985-92 Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Mozarteum and Salzburg, Austria. Amongst teachers were :
Arnulf Rainer , Anton Lehmden.
2007: First insight and experiences with Permutable Art.
2010: Growing interest in the expression of Mythology.
2012-2013: Switch-Art, a Permutable Art Game App created for Androïd.
2014: Series of works inspired by Richard Wagners Tetralogy.

Expositions de SÉVERIN KRÖN


1993: Gallery HARTMANN, Vienna (Austria)
1998: Gallery ANOPAR, Paris (France)
1999: Gallery HAVANNA, Linz (Austria)
2000: Musée de l'Hôpital MONDOR, Créteil (France)
2002: Galerie de l'Hôpital CLEMENCEAU, Champcueil (France)
2003: Chiemseehof, Salzburg (Austria)
2005: Manoir de Champlouis, Corbeil (France)
2008-2009: Gallery Corinna STEINER Vienna (Austria)
2012-2013: Galerie Artistes en Lumière, Paris (France)
Galerie Da Mihi, Bern (Switzerland)

Spectacles de SÉVERIN KRÖN


Texts, paintings and musical compositions which have featured : Marie- Christine BARRAULT, Charles GONZALES, Gérard FAROUX and other artists.
1996 THE TIGERS FANG for a reciter, painter and drummer.
2000 QUATUOR composed for a jazz-trio and painter.
2004 THE BLUE DANUBE written for a small orchestra and painter,comissioned by The Salzburg Festival, Austria.
2005 OPALE for a pianist, singer and painter.
2006 CONCORDANCES developed on tails by Oscar WILDE, recited by Marie- Christine BARRAULT with organist, painter and video device.
2007 TELÂME for a reciter (Marie-Christine Barrault), an organist, drummer, painter and video device.
2011 TELÂME a new version with Charles GONZALES.